Mission + Vision

"A note from our hearts...

It is through the love of Christ that Pomona Valley Christian Center continues on with the mission of serving our community.

Because of the loving support that is received from the very same community served, we will continue to strive toward a brighter tomorrow and bear witness to the prosperity of those in need.

We thank you for all of the love and support that continues to make it all possible!




Pomona Valley Christian Center was established in 1952. Bishop Herbert S. Wilkins and wife, Pastor Cynthia Wilkins have been members of Pomona Valley Christian Center since 1983. In 1985 Bishop Wilkins became an associate pastor/senior pastor in 1985 and ordained as Bishop in 2009. Seeing the needs of the community, Bishop Wilkins and Pastor Cynthia, along with others, decided to begin a feeding ministry with the mission of serving the homeless men and women within the Pomona area.

"Where all are welcome and people are fed"

PVCC is a spirit-filled, Christ loving church, and is known for its dedication to the commission of Jesus to love our neighbor. Our mission is as it is written within the book of Isiah 58: 6-8. PVCC is a church known for its extended hand to the community and through the grace of God, helping to heal the souls of those cast out and cast off.  Prayer is a major key in coming close to the heart of the Father, so we love to pray here. We believe that the word of God is final authority to prayers being answered, and walking in the spirit. Our focus is that the lost will come to Christ Jesus, know him as Savior, build their lives upon the living Word of God, and become a friend of God.


H   I   S   T   O       Y

- Bishop Herbert S. Wilkins & Pastor Cynthia Wilkins